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  • Wet Cut ONLY – Cured Concrete Blades
  • PRO-X Blades are designed for the Professional Cutters and companies who demand the absolute highest performance in speed and life.
  • Pro blades are Wet Cutting blades for walk behind saws that are 35hp saws and up.
  • Each blade is specifically selected based on the aggregates in each geographical area, Saw type and size, and the cutters demands. We take all factors relating to each individual cutter’s needs into consideration when selecting each blade’s specifications.
  • Available in sizes from 12″ to 60″
  • Available widths: .125, .140, .145, .155,160, .187, .250, .357, .500
  • Arbor: All Pro Blades have 1″



  • Super Supreme Quality
  • Used to cut expansion joints to control and minimize cracking.
  • Designed for Early Entry and Soff-Cut Saws
  • Arbor is designed to fit saws with no adaptor needed.
  • Dry Cut
  • Skid Plate Covers are now available to reduce the need for additional skid plates.
  • These blades are the best the market has to offer for Green Concrete Blades. We are confident these are the highest performance blades designed to meet or beat competitor’s blades and keep money in our customer’s pockets.
  • We strongly encourage any Soff-Cut user to compare the overall performance of these blades. See for yourself how serious we are about keeping your cutting costs as low as possible.
  • Color Coded for specific aggregates
  • Available in 5″, 5.5″, 6″, 8, 10″, 12″, 13.5″ and 14” diameters.


  • Super Supreme Quality
  • Seg-Turbo, Diamond Mesh Technology Designed Segments
  • Fast Cutting and Excellent life for Low hp walk-behind saws 10hp and up
  • Why struggle with your saw?  Free up all the stress and cut smoother and faster
  • Sizes:  14” to 24”
  • Arbor:  1”

SX-Z–Concrete Handsaw Blade New Diamond Mesh Technology


  • Super Supreme Quality
  • This highly advanced technology in strategic diamond placement makes this The Absolute Fastest Cutting Concrete Saw Blade still maintaining Excellent Blade Life!
  • Applications: Hard Materials, Cured Concrete, RCP, and Pavers.
  • For use on Hand Held Saws, Table Saws and Low Hp, Walk-behind Saws.
  • Dry / Wet Cut
  • Available in 12, 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″ and 24″
  • Width is .125
  • Segment Height 10mm
  • Arbor 1″ and 1″-20mm
  • Superfast cut, guaranteed to impress!

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