Cup Grinding Wheels

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  • Arrow Shaped alternating segments
  • Available in 7” and 10” only
  • Tall 10mm Segment Heights
  • Best for aggressive Epoxy removals and concrete grinding

  • Designed for stone and granite finishing
  • Continuous Rim Cup wheels are a smooth diamond face that is continuous like a tile blade
  • C.R. Cups are designed to give the finest grind possible before going to polishing pads
  • C.R. Cups can vary in grit sizes depending on the level of smoothness desired

  • Double Row Cup wheels have the diamond segments on the face of the outer perimeter and a second row inside of the first row.
  • D.R. Cups are designed for a smoother grind with long life. These are the most common type of cup wheel.
  • DRP’s are excellent double row cups designed for maximum life on hard concrete.

  • Premium Double Row Cups for faster grinding.
  • Great grind and life for less $$.

  • T-Seg shaped segments for the most aggressive yet smooth grinding
  • Designed for fast and aggressive grinding/removal on the hardest concrete materials
  • Available in 4”, 4.5” 5”, and 7” diameters
  • A popular choice among professional concrete surface prep companies!

  • Single Row Cup Wheels have the diamond segments on the face of the outer perimeter of the wheel.
  • S.R Cups are designed for faster grinding, but run the risk of leaving heavier swirl marks in the concrete.

  • Seg-Turbo Cups have the diamond segments turned in at an angle and usually have a choice of 12”, 18” or 24” Segments.
  • The lesser the segments, the more aggressive the grind, the more segments the smoother the grind.

  • Turbo cup wheels are for the smoothest grind and are the most common for stone and granite fabrication. Works great on concrete!
  • The segments are tightly connected to assure a smooth grind and leave a nice finish
  • Turbo Cups offer Coarse, Medium and Fine grits for different levels of finishing.

  • Fan Style and Wing Tip Cups aresimilarly designed for very aggressive grinding, but still leave concrete smooth enough to finish.
  • Fan Style or Wing Tip are uniquely designed hubs that are blade-like in order to keep the cup wheel cooler. Draws upward instead of outward. Works great for grinding with vacuum attachments.
  • The segments on these wheels are similar to Seg-Turbo Cups, however the segments have a club-like shape.

Professional Quality Only

  • Diameter: 10”
  • Available in 10” or 20” Segments depending on type of grind desired
  • Arrow Segments style in 10mm Segments
  • Traditional Segmented style in 10 or 20 segments
  • Universal Arbor specifically designed for multiple 10” floor grinding machines including Blastrac


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