About Us

Bladetechs Blades

Arizona based Diamond Cutting Tool and Equipment Distribution Company. Our mission is to build trusting relationships by providing superior quality Diamond Cutting and Grinding Tools and equipment for all levels of construction. Our objective is to provide the highest quality products and service that will streamline overall cutting and grinding efficiency, allowing our customers to have the advantage in bidding, timely completion of jobs, and profiting.

Blade Techs, Inc. is continually growing and expanding and is dedicated to its customers and the future of the industry. We carry a wide variety of Diamond Saw Blades, Abrasives, Specialty Blades, Core-Drill Bits for all applications as well as a new and superior line of Wood and Metal Cutting Blades.

We consistently work directly with our manufacturers on the research and development of new products to ensure our customers are getting the latest and most efficient technology at the most competitive costs. Since we believe that educated customers make our job easier, we offer On-site Safety Training Classes to minimize safety risks as well as equipment and worker fatigue and to maximize performance. With our field knowledge and expertise we consult with customers to pinpoint their specific needs and maximize their competitive advantage in the market place.

Our Service is one of the biggest reasons our customers maintain such a strong loyalty. We continually prove that we will go above-and-beyond to make sure our customers get their jobs completed on time and with the right tools.

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