Cutting Blade

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These can be dangerous tools and Safety is Number One with BladeTechs. Almost everyone in the industry has a story about someone having been hurt  by abrasive wheels. We are confident in ABMAST Abrasives. For a few pennies more, they are  the safest and most reliable Abrasive products the industry has to offer


Also known as Composite Fiber blades. You can have any color.

  • Available 12″ and 14″ ( 4″ to 16″ also available)
  • Arbor: 1″ or straight 20mm. No bushings with Abrasives
  • Used on hand-held Saws, table chop saws, grinders and low hp walk-behind saws
  • For metal, steel, stainless steel, concrete, masonry, ductile iron and railroad track

We never compromise on the quality of our Abrasives and neither should you. That’s why we choose ABMAST!