EAG Pro Asphalt Green Concrete Blade

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Specifically for Professional Cutters


  • These Pro Asphalt Blades are for walk behind saws that are 35hp and up
  • Designed for the Professional Cutters who demand the longest lasting and fastest cutting blades on varying types of asphalt
  • The same blades are used for Green Concrete Cutting and provide a smooth, clean cut
  • Blade Specs are specifically selected based on the type of equipment used, aggregate, weather conditions and a cutter’s performance demands.
  • Undercut Protection is added to every Asphalt blade in order to protect the welds and core against premature wear from the abrasive slurry that’s created when cutting.
  • Wet Cut Only
  • Available in all sizes from 12″ to 60″
  • Available widths: .125, .135, .140, .145, .160, .187, .220, .250, .357, .500
  • Arbor: All Pro Blades have 1″